Market, Fair and Urban Garden - VALE DA ARREGAÇA, Coimbra

Descriptive Memory

Currently, the market concept is not just about the idealization of its size, that is, the amount of space offered, but mainly the ability to gather in the same place the right offer, the right customers and an added value compared to similar works. It then makes sense to scale and appropriate these spaces to the local and regional reality, endowing the space with other aspects, such as the urban garden and the fair, which have the capacity to attract more people to this place and enhance its use. A theoretical and practical aspect that is key in the design of this type of space is its “layout”, which, interacting with the different uses, expresses and enhances the different uses itself, with a simple and attractive spatial structure. Therefore, the challenge of designing the program had four fundamental assumptions, namely:

How can multi-functional spatial organization make a difference?

How to reunite the city, especially this area close to the intervention, the river Mondego and the riverfront?

What size and morphology should the equipment have in order to provide an effective solution at local and regional level?

How to unify the various aspects of this trivalent program in a cohesive way?

Vale da Arregaça - Coimbra

5261,09 m2