... architecture is poetry in solid state

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We design spaces that strive for harmony in his relationship with man

The TNV team provides a wide range of services, and our buildings are inspired by their surroundings, based on conceptual and technical quality premises; efficiency and innovation; sustainability and adaptation to the local reality.

In accordance with our vision and strategic positioning, we are able to determine functional and cumulatively commercial architectural solutions, always with a focus on the client's needs.

“A successful project is one that effectively combines art, technology and economy, so our projects are a clear reflection of our client.” _ Marco Coelho, arch.

We highlight our skills and competences in the elaboration of architectural projects, in all its phases; in the development and monitoring of all specialty projects; in allotment processes and urban planning projects; in interior design and architecture; in the rigorous inspection of works; in consultancy to direct clients and other ateliers; in the rehabilitation and construction of small and medium dimensions; and finally in works of art.

With so many concepts floating around in the architect's mind, it can be difficult to keep up with all the ideas the architect hopes to know, but in architecture and elsewhere, the most memorable ideas are often the ones that can be condensed textually: "form follows function", "less is more", "less is a drag"...

We assume ourselves as an architecture and urbanism studio that focuses on what is important and strategic, and makes the sensory and emotional an integral part of the process of making people inhabit and enjoy architecture and the city.

Our vision presupposes the creation of our own identities, highlighting the importance of each project and each space, in order to enhance comfort and well-being, based on multidisciplinary and integrated work, because we believe that contact with the place is with people it enhances and values both the natural and the built.


We believe in the ability to promote well-being through the spaces we design, in order to enhance comfort and spatial quality, paying special attention to the customer's needs and desires, respecting people and places. Our architecture is born from this respect, establishing compromises between man and space that we seek to seal with exclusive features.

With the awareness that each project has its particularities, the projects are developed under the supervision of the client, creating a multidisciplinary team in which the client plays a fundamental role in your project.

The architectural projects are made up of several work phases, ranging from the first sketch, through the various study and licensing phases, to the monitoring of the work.


Interior architecture is the extension of the architecture that provides comfort and quality of enjoyment in interior spaces.

We focus on details such as acoustics, lighting, image and ergonomics, which are designed within interior spaces, whether private or commercial.

The biggest challenge for an interior architect is to adapt the techniques and standards, to the personality and lifestyle, in order to create harmonious and symbiotic environments between them, in order to satisfy the tastes and needs of our customers.

We look at each project in a special, unique and unrepeatable way and we provide our clients with an exclusive service, understanding and interpreting their aspirations, developing projects tailored to every need and every budget.


Urban design is an area of urban planning linked to solutions that involve the physical aspects of urban space, giving shape and characterization to the different uses of this space, as well as establishing the articulation between them, also taking into account the development of areas throughout the time. We try to think of the urban space as if it were a public space, which can be enjoyed by everyone and for everyone in order to provide well-being, leisure and quality of life.

We understand public space as an appendix to built urban space, creating different scenarios, giving dynamism to urban life.


Engineering in architecture, also known as construction engineering, is the application of engineering principles and technology to the design and construction of buildings. Structural engineering involves the analysis and design of the built environment (buildings, bridges, equipment supports, towers, walls and tunnels).

Specialties in the background are calculation, demonstration and written graphical representation of the measures to be taken in order to achieve optimal performance in all technical components of the building. The complexity of each topic addressed requires that it be dealt with by a professional with specific training in each specialty area. To this end, our office works with a team of engineers who ensure the coordination of each project, and wherever.

All specialties are in compliance and without conflicts between them.


Work inspection consists of the verification service of the real and effective compliance of the construction, with the definitions of all licensing and execution projects. Basically, it is about real-time monitoring and on-site monitoring, in order to assure the owner that the construction meets the requirements set out in the project, or communicate in good time to the client about the non-conformities detected in the measurements, maps and budgeting.

The inspection of works is essential to guarantee the reliability of the project's execution. In it, technicians carry out the control and supervision of civil engineering activities relating to the carrying out of a work, in accordance with architectural, stability and specialty projects. We are also available for the preparation of execution projects, measurement maps, specifications, budgeting and construction management.


We seek to promote a consulting service to present solutions, answer questions and make suggestions about projects, property purchase, interior design and everything else that is part of this universe. As a rule, the consultancy is much faster and more practical than the conventional architectural service. In this way, it demands less from the professional and allows them to practice a much more accessible value, which facilitates the client, thus promoting an even more fruitful working relationship.

An architectural consultant might even have a few face-to-face meetings with the new client, but most of the work is done online, which allows for more flexible schedules for preparing the work. This type of service is made possible, mainly, by digital facilities such as video meetings, instant exchange of information, richness of details in the plans and advanced software for 3D projects.


Rehabilitation turns out to be one of the themes that most motivates the architect, in the exact measure that it confronts different times and generates results of enormous quality, insofar as we manage to transport the ballast of history to the present moment.

Rehabilitation interventions allow many of these issues to be resolved, or at least improved, in buildings whose requirements have moved away with the evolution of society's ways of life, from the standards considered to be the most adequate. We are therefore looking for an integrated intervention for the adaptation of a building or site with the aim of allowing its use, seeking to improve its performance levels and the implicit preservation of the values with cultural significance that exist in it.


In engineering and architecture, the action of a previously elaborated project, so nothing would make more sense than combining our architecture and engineering aspect with that of o. Thus, we have a multifaceted team, both at the studio and at the construction site, with vast experience in the market, passing through works from scratch or always following the good and current standards, providing a wide range of professionals and services.


A work of art, not that of a previously elaborated project, but larger than the ones, intended for infrastructure such as bridges, levels, viaducts, ports and roads. Therefore, it should be noted that we have people in our team who are specialized in this type of work, in monitoring and on-site work, with many borders, such as Germany.