HOUSE Kindergarten

Descriptive Memory

In the development of this work, it was imperative to maintain the project concept underlying it: a nursery house materialized in two distinct moments...

Opting for a traditional construction in concrete and brick masonry, the structure intends to be independent of the spaces created by it, that is, silent or not visible.

The constructive concept is based on the word continuity. At an external level, there is a desire to assume the volume of basement attached to the terrain. This "grasping" arises through the use of a material widely used in the area, limestone as a counterpoint to the clapboard cladding on the northernmost body.

The Kindergarten house is built on two floors, two volumes, with rectangular and minimalist shapes. The volume of services, social/private, which is at a higher rate and the private volume which is at a lower rate.

The access to the house is made through the volumes of the nursery, which is facing north and at the highest level, thus being able to take advantage of the house's garden, giving this garden support to the nursery.

Entering the house we can find a distribution hall/ vestibule that leads to the services and social/private part, where the kitchen is located, which supports the nursery and the private dining area, living and dining room. The private part where the rooms and offices are located in the lower south-facing volume, take advantage of natural lighting and the south-facing garden, taking advantage of the location of the house and the proposed program, which seek to make the most of the ground.


498.70 m2