BS House

Descriptive Memory

The house is located on a plot between two existing dwellings, with a morphology, leaning towards the interior.

Having requested that the house be elevated in relation to the highest level of the land, in order to enjoy the views over the beach and the sea, it was decided to develop the same two-storey, two-volume super-elevation. , one social and the other private, with a minimalist language and an orthogonal shape.

The construction of the house was designed so that it would be positioned on the land further south, where the prevailing and colder winds arrive, thus freeing the main facades of the house to the north and east.

In the volume that makes up the lot, and which faces east where the main entrance to the house is located, which leads directly to the living, dining and leisure area. Inside the living area we find the corridor that takes us to the remaining areas of the house, including the vertical communications that lead to the more private/intimate areas of the house. The private part, where the rooms and offices are located in the lower and upper volumes facing south, take advantage of natural lighting and the garden, taking advantage of the location of the house and the proposed program, which seek to make the most of the land.

Florianopolis, Brazil

889,00 m2